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The MAIL to SMS service sends the converted email to your mobile phone as a text message. It's well suited for all kinds of services and can be easily integrated to existing systems in your company.

The message will be sent using the email client (i.e. Outlook® or Thunderbird®) that you already use or from an information system, and the implementation of the service requires no software installation. The service can be set up very quickly.

EMAIL to SMS: Emails are received on Labyrintti Media's server, to be directed to the number specified as a text message.

Why MAIL TO SMS service:

  • It is an easy and affordable service that can be integrated to almost every system that sends emails
  • Easy to use - you can send group text messages directly from your email
  • Monitoring for the message delivery - you can optionally receive the delivery reports to your email
  • You can answer a message with just one click
  • An extremely versatile service

Why choose us?

  • Leading mobile solutions provider in Finland since 2001
  • Reliable partner - hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Secure and tested technology - redundant servers
  • Our services include comprehensive reporting tools and monthly reports
  • Fast and reliable technical support with a high degree of expertise
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* Microsoft Outlook is either registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.