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Main / Services / MMS Gateway

MMS Gateway

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MMS Gateway facilitates communication solutions that employ multimedia (MMS) messages. Multimedia messages can include elements such as colour pictures, sound and video. An MMS message also accommodates much more text than an ordinary text message.

MMS Gateway connects the message centres of various mobile telephone operators and provides a single easy-to-use interface for sending and receiving multimedia messages. The messages are delivered to the customer using Internet connections. The actual service application can be a PHP script, a Java Servlet or another type of customer-supplied server application, or a complete turnkey solution created by Labyrintti Media.

MMS Gateway is divided into two separate services:

  • Unidirectional MMS Gateway enables the sending of multimedia messages from the customer's system to mobile telephones.
  • Bidirectional MMS Gateway enables the reception of multimedia messages as well as the sending of multimedia message replies back to mobile telephones. The users can also be charged for using the service as a part of their telephone bills.

Customer server // Labyrintti Media servers [mmsGW] // Mobile telephone operators // Mobile telephones

Coverage in Finland

  • Sending of messages to all operator subscriptions
  • Invoicing in Finland with Elisa, Sonera, Saunalahti, DNA, Tele Finland, Kolumbus, Aina, GoMobile and TDC subscriptions
  • Service numbers: Labyrintti Media's shared service numbers or customer-provided numbers


The services may be free of charge to the user or feature an additional fee. Services with additional fees are charged as a part of the users' telephone bills. For services that are free of charge to the user, the service provider covers the messaging charges.

  • In Finland, the service charge of a single message (tax-inclusive) can be 0–60 euros.
  • Labyrintti Media remits the income from service charges to the customer on a monthly basis.
  • The invoicing is automatic and requires no customer intervention.

Application Programming Interfaces

The messages are passed between the customer and Labyrintti Media as HTTP requests or e-mail messages. Labyrintti Media provides the customers with easy-to-use, ready-made messaging modules for various programming and scripting languages.

  • SMTP (e-mail) with STARTTLS support
  • Java API


  • Possibility of using the sender's own mobile telephone number instead of the service number
  • Delivery notifications (operator support required)
  • Timed messages


  • Monthly message traffic and service fee income reports
  • Real-time browser-based usage statistics
  • Hourly usage statistics


Labyrintti Media's redundant servers and the meticulously developed and tested gateway software guarantee reliable and efficient functioning of services. An automatic monitoring software tracks the reachability of different operators' message centres and, if a connection fails, reroutes the messages using message centres of other operators.

  • Encrypted connections available
  • SLA service level agreements available
  • High quality server software developed since year 2000
  • Automatic operator reachability monitoring and rerouting when necessary
  • Redundant servers to avoid downtime caused by technical malfunctions
  • Servers are located in Finnish data centers
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Redundant data communication links
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