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Silver Bullet

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Silver Bullet is a group text messaging tool that allows you to reach all important stakeholders and potential customers in a fast and efficient way. In addition, you can also get access to features such as group email messaging with link tracking and interactive text message services with billing option.

Silver Bullet can be used anywhere. All you need is a computer, a web browser and Internet connection.

With Silver Bullet your text messages will always reach their destination.

Group text messages

Sending group text messages with Silver Bullet is easy and convenient. Messages can be personalized to fit the criteria of each recipient by using variables.

Text messages in Silver Bullet are not limited to the length of 160 characters. This gives you the freedom to determine the length of your messages based on your own preference. You may also schedule text messages and emails to be sent later at a time of your choosing, create your own message templates and monitor the delivery of every individual text message or email.

Group emails

With Silver Bullet you can also send group emails fast and easy. The service provides link monitoring information for each individual recipient and the ability for recipients to unsubscribe from a mailing list. You can also attach photos, links and files that will all be saved to the Silver Bullet servers.

SMS surveys

It is easy to conduct surveys via SMS with Silver Bullet. Our service editor allows you to create complex question trees with very low effort. You can easily export all of the data you have collected in Silver Bullet into an Excel® spreadsheet or csv file for example.

Surveys can also be scheduled to be conducted at a time of your choosing.

Database synchronization

You can import contacts into Silver Bullet from external databases as well. The synchronization option that has been created independently by Labyrintti, allows you to import contacts directly from Microsoft Dynamics® CRM or Microsoft Active Directory®. The desired database can be assigned to a project as an external source by using the external source wizard in Silver Bullet.

Once you have created the external source and assigned it to a project, synchronization can be carried out by clicking a single button found in the address book of the project. The synchronization procedure mirrors the contacts to Silver Bullet by creating new contacts, updating existing contacts and deleting contacts that no longer exist in the external source. Synchronization works for both SMS and email sending.

Address book

Versatile and easy to use address book can also be used as a customer database. The address book enables you to assign contacts into different groups and manage those groups separately.

Contacts and groups can be easily imported into the address book from external databases such as company CRM. For example importing Excel® or csv files into Silver Bullet can be done with just a few clicks thanks to our intelligent importing system that automatically detects the content in these files.

Address book contact fields can be customized according to your needs. E.g you can create a custom field that contains a customer number for each contact.

Message archive

Every message that has been sent using Silver Bullet can be found in sent messages. In addition to the date, time and content of the messages, you can also check the delivery status of messages by each recipient.

Service Features

  • SMS and email group messages
  • Personalized messages to each recipient
  • Timed messages
  • Message templates for often used messages
  • Sender names and numbers of your own preference
  • Long messages. No 160 character restriction.
  • Email images and attached files are saved into Silver Bullet
  • Comprehensive address book, contacts and groups
  • Highly intelligent import system e.g from an Excel® -file
  • Synchronization of contacts from Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Microsoft Active Directory®
  • SMS surveys
  • Message archive
  • Delivery reports
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