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Main / Services / Voting by Text Message

Voting by Text Message

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Labyrintti Media’s text message voting service is very useful for seminars, events, in-company votings & surveys and television votings.

Our service automatically creates a graphical view of how the vote is going. The progress of the voting can be easily monitored in real-time by using a web browser on a computer screen or even by projecting the image to a projection screen.

User training is included in the price and usage can be learned in just a few minutes.

Text message voting: Text messages are received on Labyrintti Media's server, to be directed to the voting service.

Why text message voting:

  • Participation is easy and rewarding
  • A fast way to conduct live votings and surveys
  • At the end of an event, results can be imported e.g. into an Excel® spreadsheet
  • The service includes service introduction and user training
  • Works in real-time all over the world if necessary
  • All you need is Internet connection, a projector and mobile phones for the participants

Why choose us?

  • Leading mobile solutions provider in Finland since 2001
  • Reliable partner - hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Secure and tested technology - redundant servers
  • Our services include comprehensive reporting tools and monthly reports
  • Fast and reliable technical support with a high degree of expertise
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